Magnificent Son of *Euros

Ttotally Awesome

Ttotally Awesome is Region 14 CHAMPION in Sport Horse In Hand!

We are proud to announce the results of the Region 14 Championships held in July, 2012!

Our homebred horse Ttotally Awesome is Champion in Sport Horse in Hand!

This is his first season of showing. Congratulations on this "totally awesome" achievement!!!!

He's a great combination of our bloodlines... tracing to Witez II, Flicka, and Witraz!

Photo on left, 2012. Photo on right, 2006, as a 2 week old foal.






Photos below, October 2011:

Totally, "having a ball" (learning to have the ball rolled all over him while circling at a walk):

Spending time with him summer 2009:


He's "Ttotally Awesome"!

Temmpo Son: Flashy Flaxen!
Ttotally Awesome
Temmpo x JK Royal Love
Tall, some Flaxen in mane, Blaze, two socks, Chestnut. Born May 5th, 2006. (Cinqo de Mayo and Oaks Day). Double G-Amigo great-great-grand son. Long sweeping strides, shows potential for Class A Hunter and Sport Horse.

Dam's side of the pedigree includes halter and versatile performance champions, all trust worthy 'do anything for you' horses that could take you down the trails one day, show the next, and ride to town for a parade the next day. 

Sire, Temmpo, is pure Polish, a race winner who retired sound. 15.2 hands, a magnificent Son of *Euros, Temmpo's charisma and beauty are unsurpassed and his speed and athleticism is well proven. His sons and daughters as well as their offspring are known for their gentle trainable dispositions as well as their winning records at sport horse shows on the West Coast. Temmpo is well known in racing circles for his ability to produce top athletes. His foals excel in Dressage, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure and just being your saddle champion out on the trail.

Pedigree for Temmpo's son, "Ttottally Awesome"!

Bred by Janów
Exp to USA 1985

Bred by Podlaski
PL PASB 2799,
Died only 8 years
old in an accident

Bred by Nowy Dwor PASB 1934 Owner Janów Podlaski
Breeder: Nowy Dwor, Poland. Racing record: 9 (1-3-1) Noted for producing beauty, type, & action. 16 of his sons were imported to the U.S.
Bred by Michalow


Bred by Biddesden
PASB 3054
Saladin II
Bred by Guinness
AHSB 748
Bred by Nowy Dwór
AHSB 3003
Bred by Michalow
PASB*1527 Bred by Klemensów, PL Race Record 2/5(2-1-1)
Bred by Michalow
JK Royal Love
JK Royal Storm
JK Royal Storm

Royal Amigo
Royal Amigo, Chestnut, On the trails

(Son of Niga (Nitez, Witez II))

Amala Beau Lelait
Amala in Authenic Arabian Costume

Beau Deans Ten
Amala Talit
Forever Royal
Red 2005
Royal Amigo
Royal Amigo, Chestnut
(Son of Niga (Nitez, Witez II))
Samirette, around 19-21 years old
Gallant Rhodes
Aba Samira

Dam, Lovely, after her first parade alongside Red. Parade theme was about dancing, so our entry was "Dancing on Silver Shoes" complete with silver glitter on their hooves!


 Growing Up

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