Magnificent Son of *Euros

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15.2 hand Pure Polish Arabian Racing Stallion


Pedigree for Temmpo
15.2 Hands, Pure Polish.
Bred by Janów
Exp to USA 1985

Bred by Podlaski
PL PASB 2799,
Died only 8 years
old in an accident

Celebes Witraz (by Ofir)
Canaria (by Trypolis)
Etna Faher (by Trypolis)
Elzunia (by Witraz)
Bred by Nowy Dwor PASB 1934 Owner Janów Podlaski
Breeder: Nowy Dwor, Poland. Racing record: 9 (1-3-1) Noted for producing beauty, type, & action. 16 of his sons were imported to the U.S.
Abu Afas (by Bad Afas)
Carmen (by Trypolis)
Bred by Michalow
Amurath-Sahib (by 35 Amurath II)
Epizoda (by Trypolis)
Bred by Biddesden
PASB 3054
Saladin II
Bred by Guinness
AHSB 748
Naziri (by Skowronek)
Starilla (by Raseem)
Bred by Nowy Dwór
AHSB 3003
Trypolis (by Enwer Bey)
Bika (by Wielki Szlem)
Bred by Michalow
PASB*1527 Bred by Klemensów, PL Race Record 2/5(2-1-1)
Amurath-Sahib (by 35 Amurath II)
Gwara (by Wielki Szlem)
Bred by Michalow
Czardasz (by Wielki Szlem)
Tryguza (by Trypolis)

Success is where hard work and preparation meet opportunity!


15 hand *Witez II bloodline Arabian Stallion, related to Flicka.



Pedigree for JK Royal Storm, Sweetheart Stallion
JK Royal Storm
JK Royal Storm

Royal Amigo
Royal Amigo, Chestnut

Niga (Nitez, *Witez II)
Niga, Black
Ga-Rageyma (Ferzon)
Fadina Dinwar (El Dinari)
Fazima (Fa-Turf)

Amala Beau Lelait
Amala in Authenic Arabian Costume

Beau Deans Ten Beau Ibn Hanrah
Amala Talit Asil Antila
Jumana Nawal




Pedigree for Amala Beau Lelait, Dam of JK Royal Storm

Amala Beau Lelait
Amala in Authenic Arabian Costume

Beau Deans Ten

Beau Ibn Hanrah National top 10 halter. Sire of one hundred forty-six registered part-Arab and registered purebred Arabian foals.

Ibn Hanrah Canadian Nat Ch.,1959 US Res Nat Ch, US Top Ten

Sunny Acres Easter Star
Huriah Fazespo (grandson of *Fadl)
Amala Talit Asil Antila
Syzygy (grandson of Raffles)
Asil Vela
Jumana Nawal, a granddaughter of TV's Flicka.
I believe her name, "Jumana Nawal", means "Pearl Gift" in Arabic.
Hanabu, son of TV's Flicka . Dam Wahana played Flicka in the 1955-1956 TV Series


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